Monte Sinai, Ecuador

The community of Monte Sinai is located in a slum on the northwestern periphery of the city of Guayaquil. In addition to suffering from extreme poverty and very high unemployment rates the inhabitants of Monte Sinaí do not have sewerage networks or basic access to electricity.

What is interesting to note about this community is that women play a very significant role within the society. Of the total of those employed, 60% are women, 85% of which are divorced—too often victims of domestic abuse—who serve as the sole providers for their families. In 2015, our team successfully led a crowdfunding campaign of $5,000 dedicated to project implementation.

AIMIA sponsored SLASummit with the air miles for the winning team to travel to Monte Sinai, Ecuador. There, the team helped implement their project, Construyendo Conciencia Femenina, which addressed widespread domestic violence in the community. The team and partner NGO Hogar de Cristo held technical workshops to provide 120 women with the necessary skills to boost their labour market competitiveness. The workshops also included business development techniques for women to gain insights into building an independent venture. The technical skills empowered women to take steps toward economic independence, while the NGO partnership has enabled the project to be sustained over time.