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About Us

Social Leadership in Action (SLA) is an emerging student-run incubator that challenges young people to rethink international development and social leadership. As an NPO, case competition, and catalyst, our hybrid model empowers students across disciplines to create tangible solutions to community issues.

For 3 years consecutively, SLA successfully organized a social summit around communities in Latin America and engaged students from different parts of the world to imagine and develop projects that could improve the lives of these communities.

With this gained expertise in problem-solving and practical, community-based solutions, SLA is aiming to give young individuals within our community the tools to address societal challenges and implement their projects in a practical, participatory and sustainable way.

Throughout workshops, conferences and its annual Summit, SLA is acting as an incubator for grassroots, sustainable and self-critical development as well as a valuable resource and support for passionate entrepreneurs wishing to acquire useful skills and frameworks for the implementation of their projects.

Our Summit : Where Great Minds Meet

Speaker series. Networking. Workshops. Project Implementation.


Top University students from all over the world


Interdisciplinary teams paired with mentors


Prize money to implement the winning project


Latin American Community

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Our Goals

We seek to demonstrate that limited resources - in this case $5,000 - can create a substantial impact when used wisely.


Raise awareness about current political, social, and economic issues in Latin America and all other regions we will engage with in the future.


Foster interdisciplinary problem-solving skills necessary to address societal challenges.


Act as an incubator of grassroots, sustainable, and self-critical development.


Showcase Latin America and Montreal as hubs of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Act as an incubator of grassroots, sustainable, and self-critical development.

Our Inspiration

SLASummit emerged as a TED-style conference focused on raising awareness about current Latin American issues and establishing networks between McGill and Montreal’s Latin American community. Transitioning from a descriptive dialogue to a prescriptive one, SLASummit began looking for ways of increasing our impact.

In 2014, the Spanish and Latin American Students' Association of McGill University (SLASA) embarked on a social project in Oaxaca, Mexico. The goal was to help a community of primary school children get to school faster and reduce student absenteeism. With a budget of $5,000, SLASA not only provided bicycles for 30 children, reducing their transportation time by more than half, but also implemented a bike rental system with its own repair garage to ensure sustainability. With this example of bottom-up, community-based success, members of SLASA decided to make the conference a platform for sustainable development projects.

After three successful conferences bringing about a hundred students together on social leadership and initiative each year, the team decided it was time to increase SLA reach and impact by proposing workshops and events developing the skillsets of motivated young people throughout the year with our gained expertise on this field.

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How it works

All past SLASummit participants are automatically members. Anyone that did not participate to the Summit in previous year but still wish to become members need to pay a 10$ upfront fee for a full year membership.

Why become a member?

Being a member allows you not only to become a part of the big SLA family, but also to benefit from exclusive perks.

  • Access to register to every event 1 day prior to the official launching date. Early birds tickets will never slip out of your hands!
  • 10$ off your SLASummit ticket if you wish to participate. Your membership fee is basically reimbursed only by this!
  • Many discounts and promotions on our multiple events throughout the year.


Stay tuned for our upcoming 2017 workshops!


Sponsors and Partners

As an NPO that prioritizes maximizing benefits from limited funds, SLASummit highly values and respects the contributions of our partners. We are committed to finding sponsors whose share our passion for changing lives in Latin America. These institutions are on the cutting edge of innovation and community relations. As a sponsor, your organization will be a key contributor to an innovative, student-driven project, ultimately contributing to social development and promoting corporate social responsibility. As part of the McGill community, with leading students from across the Americas participating, our conference is one of the best ways to speak with tomorrow’s leaders. With our increasing Latin American recognition and partnerships, SLASummit also provides a unique platform for transnational collaboration and outreach. In an innovative and diverse city like Montreal, we are excited to connect with more organizations embodying the values, like empathy and ingenuity, at the very foundation of SLASummit.


Contact Us

We want to have you on board. Send all inquiries to info@slaction.ca and we will respond as soon as we can.