Meet the Team

Introducing the 2017-2018 SLA Executive Team! Each and every team member is here out of a desire to realize SLASummit’s vision. For us, it’s more than just a conference: we are changing how we see the world’s problems and who we see as capable of solving them. We hope you join us as we work to make this change

team member

Madrid, Spain

Juan graduated last year with a B.Com in International Management and a minor in Environment. Now, Juan is working for Go Beyond Investing, a community of business angels working hard to make investing in early-stage companies more accessible to anyone.

Juan Estalella
team member

Aurora, Ontario

Esther graduated last year with a B.A.Sc. in Cognitive Science and a minor in International Development. She’s passionate about improving people’s lives and now works for World Wide Hearing, innovating models of health care delivery for remote and underserved communities.

Esther Jamieson
team member

Montreal, Quebec

After an undergrad in International Studies at the Université de Montréal, she recently graduated from HEC Montréal with a Master’s iin Management. She is determined to make her mark on the world and leave it a better place.

Medjine Antoine-Bellamy
Logistics coordinator

team member

Toronto, Ontario

Sasha is in her second year of Strategic Management with a minor in Managing for Sustainability. She’s passionate about the environment, loves animals and meeting new people.

Sasha Kazhdan
Social Events coordinator
team member

Calgary, Alberta

As a passionate accounting and finance student, Jake was a pretty natural choice for handling our finances, and has taken on this role for two years now with great success. This year, Jake is also working part-time as an analyst for the Macro Research Board.

Jake Bershadsky
Finance Coordinator
team member

Saint-Lazare, Quebec

Sidney is our in-house writer and editor. Currently in her final year of Honours International Development with a minor in Environment, she’s passionate about economics, policy and all things environment-related.

Sidney Kreimes
Content Coordinator

team member

Santa Barbara, California

This Franco-American is the talent behind our website and all of our photos! Currently studying Art History with minors in Italian and Marketing, she's passionate about the intersection of art, technology and business.

Margaux Shraiman
Graphic Design and Web Design Coordinator
team member

Los Angeles, California

Studying international development and marketing, Mimi is passionate about discovering and sharing people’s stories from around the world. Mimi’s ultimate dream is to travel to as many countries as possible, tasting local dishes and learning about local cultures.

Mimi Klein
Design Coordinator
team member

Paris, France

Currently in her last year studying Strategic Management, International Relations and Finance, Violaine is also working part-time at Invanhoe Cambridge and constantly seeking out new ways to increase SLA’s reach.

Violaine Jacques
Marketing coordinator

team member

Paris, France

Lina is currently doing a double major in economics and international development with a minor in social entrepreneurship. As her fields of study suggest, Lina is passionate about empowering people, especially those in marginalized communities.

Lina Dieudonné
Sponsorship Coordinator
team member

New York, USA

Claire is in her fourth year of International Business and Political Science at Concordia University. Passionate about all things wild and the sea, she hopes to work in the field of sustainability once she graduates.

Claire Charriaud
Sponsorship Coordinator
team member

Argentina and Brazil

Isabel studies International Development and Political science, and her nonstop energy and work ethic make her the ideal Student Outreach Coordinator. An Argentinian by birth and Brazilian by upbringing, Isa is the team member most likely to slip into Spanish when she’s excited.

Isa Engels
Student Outreach

team member

Florida, USA

Kia studies political science and economics and is interested in current affairs, music and the arts. She has participated in SLASummit, traveled to Peru as part of the project implementation team in 2016, and is now on the executive team for the second year in a row as our student outreach coordinator.

Kia Kouyoumjian
Local Student Outreach
team member

Boucherville, Québec

Stéphanie is a psychology student and varsity rower at McGill University. She decided to join SLA to challenge herself to do something out of her comfort zone, but most importantly to be part of a group of creative students who strive to create meaningful change in the world.

Stéphanie Marchand
National Student Outreach
team member

Sofia, Bulgaria

Although she studies international development and political science, her wealth of knowledge stems from first hand experience - she’s lived in places as diverse as India, Uganda and her native Bulgaria. Dari has volunteered and interned for various NGOs and currently sits on the board of directors of CEED Concordia.

Dari Blaszczyk
Professional Outreach

team member

Tarrytown, New York

Ian is an engineering student passionate about leveraging new ideas to create lasting positive change in the world. His studies have made him realize that the toughest and greatest challenges we face are not simply technical - they are social, economic and environmental in nature.

Ian Kelley
Innovation Coordinator
team member

Bogotá, Colombia

Juan Diego studies Commerce with a focus on Sustainable Management. He has been a part of the SLA team since 2015, his experience makes him a true asset to the team as a Projects Advisor.

Juan Diego Ubaque
Project Advisor
team member

Guadalajara, México

Kai is a finance and accounting student, but his true passion is international development. He speaks five languages, which makes him an ideal projects coordinator.

Kai Wong
Projects Coordinator

team member

London, UK

Victoria is in her final semester of Political Science and Environment. She’s currently working on her own start-up and plans to work in the field of social innovation when she graduates. Victoria is passionate about community development.

Victoria Taittinger
Projects Coordinator
team member

El Grullo, Mexico

Caroline graduated last year with a B.A in international development and a minor in social entrepreneurship. She is a past SLASummit participant and was recently one of the Hult Prize finalists in London, where her team presented a social venture for refugees.

Caroline Bérard Garcia
Project Coodinator